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A soffit is a covering which sits between the outer edges of your roof and the adjacent wall of the house, protecting and sealing the rafter feet.



If your roof has a soffit (not all do), you will be able to see it if you stand underneath the overhang of your roof and look up.


Guttering is used to collect rainwater from the roof and direct the flow of water as it drains. Gutters catch the water and direct it into the downpipes, and towards a drain.


Guttering is fixed with the appropriate “fall” to prevent the water from pooling in places that it should not, which could eventually lead to your gutters overflowing, which is then likely to cause other problems.


Fascias are traditionally a softwood board which is mounted to the exposed edges of your rafters, however in recent years this has been replaced with high grade UPVC as softwood has a tendency to rot and requires more maintenance.


The purpose of a fascia is to protect and seal the roof and the interior of your home from exposure to the elements, to support roof tiles at an eaves level and to provide support for the guttering.

Types of Guttering

Half Round – Our most popular choice, a great all rounder, suitable for most properties.
Ogee – Better suited to older, and more traditional properties.

Square Line – Best suited to ‘new build’ and modern properties.
Deep Flow – Ideal for large roof areas or areas with higher than normal rainfall.

Guttering Benefits

Low maintenance – does not discolour, retains its appearance & is weather resistant.
Low cost – when compared to actual timber.

Guttering comes in a choice of colour and style:

Classic Square in brown, white or black

Also available in half round

Specialist guttering can also be ordered if required.


UPVC Fascias and Soffits

UPVC soffits and fascias are hardwearing and cope well with exposure to moisture.

In recent years it has become common practice to install uPVC roofline as this needs far less maintenance than timber products and therefore is generally preferred.

UPVC is also durable

Weather resistant

High Performance Product

Aesthetically pleasing to the eye