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Chimney Repairs


It is not uncommon for stone built or brick built chimneys to deteriorate with age.

Chimney breasts are often exposed to the elements, decay and corrosion can occur due to natural weather conditions, even if the brick walls around your home are still in good condition.

In most cases a deteriorating chimney means the mortar between the brick joints has degraded, the bricks may be broken or cracked, creating unsightly and possibly an unstable chimney.

Chimney repaired, re-pointed & serviced.

Repairs & Cleaning Page

High Pressure Cleaning

High Pressure Cleaning for driveways, paths and patio areas.

Stage one, the application of weed killer, which must be left for the minimum of 48 hours for the treatment to be absorbed into the rooting system of the weeds and then the procedure is to use the high pressure cleaner to clean off all algae, bacteria, moss and stagnant stains.

Stage two, once the block pave surface is dry to a satisfactory finish then re-coat with dry kiln sand, which should be brushed in to stop further movement of the bricks and to seal all small areas.

We also provide a high pressure cleaning service on roofs


High pressure cleaning service is available for decking and fencing

We also provide a wood preservative coating for decking and fencing

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When cleaning brick or stone work the procedure of cleaning is to use a high pressure cleaner.

The high pressure cleaner uses high pressure but with a low volume of water.  This system is more eco friendly and does not waste valuable water.

This cleaning system requires no chemicals.



The correct procedure for re-pointing of brickwork is to first grind out with diamond tips.

Then clean out all existing loose dust and particles from and around the brickwork.

Then re-point by the means of a re-pointing gun, which gives the correct amount of mortar required back in to the area round the bricks.

After the procedure of injecting mortar between the bricks, at a consistant rate

Leave the mortar to settle for a short time and then the process of barring off to ensure the mortar has been correctly forced between the bricks to get the smooth finish required.


New Roofing

Do you need a few broken tiles replacing or a new roof!

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If you have a few broken slates or tiles on your roof then call us as we are the perfect team of roofers that can help you with your roofing problems. No job too big and no job too small, contact us for more information or a free quote.

Stage one of a re-roof is the removal of all tiles from the roof and removal of all waste tile lats and felt.

All waste tiles and products is taken away by heavy duty trailer so that large skips are not left on your driveway and to stop large vehicles pulling on to your driveway creating damage.

All waste is taken away the same day to leave you full access to your property.

Stage two is to re-felt with breathable roofing felt up to British Standard and re-lat with tanalized tile lats to prolong the life of the timber.

Stage three, then to re-lay roof tiles and to re-bed new ridge tiles to the roof to seal and lock everything together and to give you the perfect finish.

  Stage one

   Stage two

  Stage three


Stage four, a complete watertight and weather proof finish from DGB Contracts